The Web Development Process: Step by Step

Developing a website is a team effort between your company and ours. We will do our best to get to know you and your company so that we can capture who you are and portray that on the internet. 

The first thing we need to do is to get together to determine your needs and goals. We can do this in person, and over the phone. Consultations typically last one to two hours depending on how much you want out of your website. We encourage you to invite anyone in your business to attend that you feel may have good input in the process.

Your job is to let us know how your website can best serve you and your customers.  We have various ways of extracting this information from you so don't worry if you have a mental block!

We have outlined the development steps below to provide you a look forward into our process.

  • Before Development Begins…
    1. Consultation — We visit with you in person or on the phone to determine what your needs are.
    2. Proposal — After our consultation, we send you a quotation with the following information:
      • Web Design and development costs.
      • Web hosting costs (if applicable)
      • Domain name registration costs (if applicable)
      • Costs for any additional features or services you need.
    3. Deposit  On non hosting package designs, we require one-third deposit before we start developing your website.  This third pays for market analysis, domain name registration (if required), and website layout design.  For host package designs, please refer to the terms of your individual hosting payment plan as shown on our “Services” page.
  • Website Design and Market Analysis
  • Website Development
  • Directories, Search Engines, and Optional Features
  • Website Maintenance and Updates