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Action Designs is a full service technology company that will provide you with the latest in web designs.  With our team of engineers we can offer the just the right design package that matches your businesses needs and expectations.

We’d like to invite you to explore the different levels of service and pricing that we can provide.  We provide Hosting packages bundled with Design packages or you may elect a Design Only solution.

Click on the name of each design package for a complete feature set and cost for that package.  Click here for information on our Payment Terms.    Then click here to Contact Us and we will be glad to review your design needs.

  • Hosting Packages - One for every budget. Be on the Internet for a small monthly fee

    globe_50You can have the best web site on the Internet, but if you ever intend for someone to see it, you have to have an Internet "address" which is referred to as "Web Hosting".  This physical location of this address is called a "server" which means it "serves" as the place where your online clinic will "live".

    A successful website depends on professional web hosting. Your website hosting package includes the services of a professional Webmaster who is responsible for your site’s maintenance such as additions or deletions to your website, digitized photos, original text copy & descriptions of your services, links, advertising campaigns, monthly specials, automatic upgrades as technology evolves, and practice management assistance to ensure that your website is successful. 

    In order for your website to be an effective marketing tool to grow your business, your website must not only provide information about your business, but it must also engage visitors. You website must be unique even as your business is unique. Your website should be fun to visit.

    This means that your website must not only be designed by a professional, but it must also be maintained by a professional. This is why it is important to understand exactly what services you are getting with your particular web hosting package.

    All of our web site hosting packages include the design package shown.. 

    Web Hosting & Design Package

    Monthly Fee

    Contract Period

    Hosting & Budget Package


    12 month initial contract

    Hosting & Starter Package


    12 month initial contract

    Hosting & Lite Package


    12 month initial contract

    Hosting & Small Business Package


    12 month initial contract

    Hosting & Business Package


    12 month initial contract

    Hosting & Premium Package


    12 month initial contract

    All of our hosting package include unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and a host of additional features:

    • Online Control Panel Included
    • Online User Statistics Included
    • Email Forwarding Unlimited
    • Web Mail 2 Types Included
    • FTP Accounts Unlimited
    • Email Accounts Unlimited
    • Email Auto Responders Unlimited
    • Spam Protection Included

    www_50And most importantly, you will have your very own Internet address URL for both your web site and your email accounts. 

    Click here to Contact Us for a free consultation and you’ll quickly be on the Internet

    Veterinary Specialty website design
  • Budget Package $480 Design Only - Non Hosted
  • Starter Package $599 Design Only - Non Hosted
  • Lite Package $999 Design Only - Non Hosted
  • Small Business $1299 Design Only - Non Hosted
  • Business $1799 Design Only - Non Hosted
  • Premium Package $2299 Design Only - Non Hosted